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Hey – at least it was on the beach. Anyway, after taking a couple of pictures with me while holding the glyph, he thanked me for coming to the show and i was on my way. The neck is a little narrow, a minor problem. Past the dutch and st. He snoops to conquer—his fifth picture for columbia—he was visited on set by the dance music policy committee (dmpc),. The new jersey school of music was originally opened in 1958 under the name medford school of music by frank salicandro, a local business man and musician, who wanted to share. Practice by playing these 2 bars slowly and in-time. There really is no better place to learn to play the ‘ukulele than hawai’i. Guitar, voice, violin, piano, drums, bass and rock band classes in one location.

Ukulele Buddy
Ukulele Buddy

"courtesy of the walt disney company. ) the two toy accordions, both in the key of c, have seven treble buttons, two stops—and surprisingly decent reeds. The wood spacer has a groove cut into it to allow for the tension ring. In addition to learning and playing the piano, megan also enjoys playing the trumpet, guitar and the ukulele. This sparked peoples’ imaginations, and soon ukulele instruction books. It was a simple little project we started in november that quickly evolved to resemble a second career.

Ukulele Buddy
Ukulele Buddy

There are things i like and don't like about this book - the intro section is among the best but the. Worked great for me, had a look at the free lessons, even if it's basic stuff there are always small tips from james hill that are very interesting. For example, do you know how to avoid breaking metal ukulele strings. Make your dreams a reality, and we're committed to seeing that through. The daily ukulele published by flea market music.

Ukulele Buddy
Ukulele Buddy

You’re also offered an option to learn the basic skills of ukulele with free lessons found online. It is a retrospective, thus the title. We will also give you a 30-min free lesson just to say "thank you". He tailors lessons specifically to the gifts and needs of each individual student and hopes to elevate the musical and intellectual culture of the community. His father disapproved and punished him, but roy continued smoking and drinking. Music school in san diego county. The lessons are a fantastic “extra;” with very little effort on your part, you’ll learn to play your first song within just a few minutes of getting your instrument into tune. Revenue is principally through concert ticket sales and/or sponsorships. I teach out of my home in discovery ridge.

Ukulele Buddy
Ukulele Buddy

If you ask some of the more experienced ukulele players, they will probably tell you that mahalo was the brand of their first ukulele. The fretboard of the ukulele is significantly thinner than the guitar, as well as being much shorter. Every meeting is different from the previous one because of their monthly themes. They have a good ukulele tuner online. The highlight was the hula dance lesson with a line up of dancers having a great time. I’ve been approved for a scholarship.

Ukulele Buddy
Ukulele Buddy

So you can go out and have some fun on the instrument, take the time to. You'll be able to grasp better by watching this ukulele video lesson on the basic ukulele strum. With the click going, get into rhythm with it by strumming the muted strings of your ‘ukulele or clapping. One new hobby that can offer amazing side benefits is learning to play the ukulele. Vehicle for music literacy and general musicianship, there are lots of reasons why the low fourth string makes the most sense in the classroom context. What do you envision, and for which students, as a result of having the ukulele in your program. They will learn the fundamentals of strumming, including the traditional ukulele strum, and will develop important techniques and skills during the process of working through pre-selected and student-chosen songs. And back of an instrument are less involved in sound production than is the. From singing to playing on primitive instruments to today’s modern versions, people around the world either perform or listen to music as part of their daily lives.

Ukulele lessons - how to play the uke. So delicious, all for about $10. At busy times of the year we also offer music lessons on saturdays from 10am to 5pm. Ukulele is the instrument of peace. We promise to have you playing (or improving on) the ukulele within an hour – even if you have no prior musical experience. At the same ceremony mitchell won a grammy for best instrumental pop performance for the opening track, "one week last summer", from her album.

The tone and volume of the instrument vary with size and construction. Incredibly, the flea ukulele by magic fluke comes in at prices near the $200 mark, even though it is manufactured by a small company, and made with high-quality components – factors that usually mean you’d pay a lot more. In hawaiian “akamai” translates to “smart” or “clever” – you’ll feel both when you pick up the new akamai series from kohala. Containing 71 high-quality videos, the program will take you step-by-step through a process of learning techniques on how to be able to play ukulele fluently in just several months. Rather, it ought to be trusted over what ukulele buddy promises the way it delivers exactly the same. " or you can loan/rent them to your students for the first few lessons. Even though i prefer concert and tenor ukes, there are lots of amazing sopranos out there. And be absolutely certainly that you know everything there is to know about the seller’s return policies.

Download our basic ukulele chord sheets to make your lessons more kids-friendly and efficient. These cell phone cable holder designs have a "rubber like" feel to them. I will never forget my mission and all. We suggest you to definitely follow these suggestions to proceed your web shopping a great experience. What defines woodwinds is the method of sound production. Uke hunt, along with sound clips.

Ukulele lessons in cambridge, md. He couldn't be any better with. The uke on the right is made from an 8 inch drum with the neck from a soprano ukulele. It’s a very worthy investment to go along with your brand new ukulele. 95 for the printable pdf of the tab/notation. She is excited to go to her weekly lessons and is showing great confidence in her abilities. It is definitely a total waste of time trying that method.  lesson costs are $27/half hour, $48/hr, and you will be billed for your lesson online in advance of your lesson.

When i walked into ukulenny’s workshop, he recorded himself playing the twelve-bar blues on one ukulele, looped it, set it down, picked up a ukulele “u-bass”, and then, recorded a bass line and looped that. Private acoustic guitar lessons music teachers directory in louisville ky 40229 usa. She had only taken a beginner's level course in piano and guitar prior to working with mauricio. Robert offers classical, steel string guitar and ukulele building. I used the above resources to create a ukulele notebook for my students full of info on the uke, a chord chart and songs with chords and tab. What is a breath of fresh air to guitars of this type is the non-recessed floyd rose. Railroad with walt as the engineer of their train.

Most people just never really learn anything at all. Opening of a community swimming pool in 1956 and for the dedication of walt. Affect the rate at which our government is motivated to act. The first audio clip is me playing the a string on a soprano ukulele. Instead, copelin formed the funk rock band gristlestick, with himself as the ukulele-playing front man. So - mi - la) to eventually encompass the. I've been a professional musician for 15 years having toured the united states and europe many times over. Ukulele buddy prepares us to accomplish the impossible.

I have been teaching for about 25 years and am well versed in jazz, classical, rock, blues and country genres. There’s something about the ukulele that just makes you smile. Us/canada private skype lessons . The company also offers custom ukuleles, but due to high demand, it’s not presently accepting orders for these instruments. This ukulele arrives equipped with aquila strings, so there’s no need to upgrade unless you prefer a different brand.  if you don't know him. With our teachers you can learn everything from the basics of simply holding a guitar correctly to playing lead guitar solos, and everything in between. Music production, keyboards & dj equipment in cambridge.

 so, all the difficult operations have been done for you, but you will. Instruments came up with a small, four-coursed chordophone at one point or. Ukuleles in all price ranges, and accessories including cases, strings, tuners and stands. I also play a bit of uke with rock band reuben cherry, and i have dozens of rock'n'roll songs to play with them that i couldn't really be doing in the senior's homes. We also offer a variety of private music lessons including piano, guitar, ukulele, flute, music theory, and voice. A private lesson costs 2 credits from your card.

Name musical notes on the ukulele (e. You will not feel sorry enjoying this striking ukulele cover video.  all of our instruments are set up to perfection in our workshop before they are offered for sale, and each has a detailed description so you know exactly what your guitar or amp is. He makes every lesson fun and he works with me until i am comfortable to move on. Images of watermelon boy and lemonade girl - original.

Tested by our experts, the product ukulele buddy is legal and is flawless. Guitar center lessons north charlotte. Should rescind their prohibition of the medicinal use of marijuana for. This site is meant for real hackers. For example the ukulele size and shape can make the strings feel tighter than others, play style makes a difference too in choosing string type and lastly, the strumming or picking style determines a choice of strings also. "do not stand at my grave and weep, i am not there, i do not sleep. Simply click it and you will be taken to a page where you can give a quick rating and leave a short comment for the product. Back in the ‘90s there was the little matter of back taxes he owed uncle sam.

I’ve never heard of the balalaika. Ottawa citizen in october 2006, mitchell "revealed that she was recording her first collection of new songs in nearly a decade", but gave few other details. During these hours, you'll train with an instructor, progress to nearby solo flights, on to flight planning and night flying. Learn techniques used by working professionals. You can be playing your new left handed ukulele tomorrow.

Chords are displayed in a diagram with a picture of finger positions beside it (this. Do you still think you are too old too get started. Students with learning challenges are. The track below comes from their first album, burlesque, and features the accordion playing of band founder john spiers. Makana," our gift to you. “i didn’t finish high school, but at age 20, i was lucky to get a job as a groundskeeper at kapiolani park,” said roy.

Get in touch with them you won´t regret it for sure. Don’t have a uke of your own already. I’m hoping they forget that little episode before it’s time for them to choose a nursing home for us.

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Ukulele lessons in huntington beach. A few extra bonuses - it's affordable, portable, and there are many easy ukulele chords. So i would practice with my left hand only, the c and f, back and forth a few times. Check out the video page to see some ukulele demonstrations and students’ videos. I look forward to future updates from the developer and the addition of more songs.

They wish to learn and play, and not what a teacher wants them to play. You have successfully subscribed to the ukeletter. Received his masters and bachelors degree in music at eastern illinois university. I loved his music and listened to his cds all the time. • how to tune a ukulele. You can also contact teachers on classclassifieds about taking a more specialized type of ukulele lesson in boston like baritone ukulele lessons in boston. I must admit that my internal struggle was interrupted by a bit of "other-centered" thoughts the past few days.

We play a range of styles of music and can get you jamming quickly with some simple introductory songs and exercises. Guitar style baritone ukulele tuning. And g, em, c, d7 (key of g family). Beginner and intermediate piano and violin lessons to students. Then again, browsing around you can find some very poor tutorials as well. Thier participants get reacquainted with their pacific islander culture, language, heritage and so much more. He leaves it on the table at the restaurant. We start off this festival with a very educational and fun workshop put on by world-renowned roy sakuma and friends at the waikoloa beach marriott resort & spa. The most recent addition to our piano family is the prestigious bösendorfer line of grand pianos.

“from the beginning, we decided to do what no one had done so far in the world of ukulele manufacturing,” says kitakis.

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Ukulele buddy reviews again, i decided it had been worth an attempt. " jim d'ville agrees: "have check-in and an evening get-together the night before and run the workshops and evening concert the next day. Registration closes after the first class. With a hauntingly beautiful and uniquely authentic blend of voices and music that touches the heart and soul. G button on the app above - it'll start repeating a g note. Bill roundtree is a guitarist, solo artist, pro musician, and a "personal trainer" for those who want to take the frustration out of learning. An agathis body and mahogany neck combine with a contrasting rosewood fingerboard and bridge, giving the kala mk-t tenor ukulele a balanced, appealing appearance. Play your ukulele and be happy.

I know to become wary of these frauds as well as scams that simply take my cash, so i make sure reviews and make certain i obtain a quality item like ukulele buddy. That means it is more durable and becomes a popular choice for beginners as a result. When we are learning what we love, we memorize it better. “i've been working with david for a couple of months, and it has been a great experience. Allen has gotten rave reviews for his new course, ukulelebuddy. The newly released learn & master guitar children’s edition is a complete 2-year guitar curriculum designed for home study. Each win highlights his talent and diversity. It also uses real bone for the nut and saddle. We also offer pa and equipment hire at very compettitve rates.

Over the last 5 years or so jeff and i have been to about 10 weddings and at 3 of those, “truly madly deeply” was the bride and groom’s song. Aswell i have a long term experience teaching and helping people to improve skills. Want to know how much your guitar is worth. They’re aimed at different types of users. He says that any shortfall in sales of instruments due to the economic downturn has been balanced by a rise in demand for the ukulele. In the end, we were delighted that he brought home a full bottle of vicodin so all is forgiven. Start ukulele lessons today and pay nothing for 30 days. I had ukulele lessons, breakfast and even invited me out with them in the evening.

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Eric gets discovered as an actor and is invited to come to hollywood to star on an abc show called “kid gets acquainted with universe,” which basically parallels the happenings of boy meets world. This is a group ukulele class, music and materials included, b. Depending on the airline, nonstop flights to honolulu leave from most major gateway airports on the west coast (as well as some smaller ones), as well as many major airports in the midwest and east coast. And sank into your dreams. Night ride home was her first album not to be initially distributed by wea (now warner music group). However, the musubi man is made up of many foods that the children may not be familiar with. Fret 2: position finger 1 across the c, e and a strings and press them down together (barre chord).  as they track her migration the signal suddenly stops.

When you’re done with that please enjoy playing along with just the chords on their own. I always dreamt of that one day i would be able play my favorite in my ukulele. , tiny tim or israel kamakawiwo’ole), or to play a certain style of music (e. Also, every teacher goes the extra mile to ensure the student is learning and progressing at a good pace. This dvd compilation takes a learning ukulele player from the easiest beginner’s songs to advanced strumming, picking and chord work. Located in the heart of orange country at 18361 euclid, fountain valley is very easy to get to, and we're just minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the nation. Since it grows in a lot of different places in the world, you’ll find a lot of variation, some of which will have a darker tone than others. Our test statement demonstrates that the sales gravity of ukulele buddy is increasing consistently. I specialize in pop and rock and typically use songs the students choose to help them develop their skills. Ingrid templeton, of danville, bought her ukulele in december 2014, when she was searching for a lamp for a christmas present.

The children got the chance to write and record their very own song and even have a cd to show for it. Your fingers will thank you later on. Gift certificates now available for stocking-stuffers for that special guitar player or banjo, bass guitar, ukulele or mandolin student. Lutes may be bowed or plucked.

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There are a lot of free ukulele tuners online, but ukulele buddy offers one of the best. Q: tell me about the premier.   the guitar strings became more supple and josh found love, los angeles and dietz brothers music. Roy knew the instrument’s. Then one day something stuck in my eyes. It may seem like a lot of strums. Perfectly serviceable for a beginner, and available in lots of funky colours. Besides, downloading ukulele buddy just requires your signing up for the offer. In a short amount of time, you can be playing just about any style of music. It’s the traditional tonewood for ukuleles and is prized for its resonance and balance.

Begin to develop the aural skills necessary to play in time. In addition to performing her own distinctive versions of well-. 4% higher than the average weekly price. Php tuner, click on the appropriate string following order:. Strum that and switch back to the first chord. Has degrees in music, education & religious studies. Before you begin playing it, make sure you understand the basic layout of the instrument. Printed copies of popular music. Just be sure to create a separate profile for each location and each artist, so that each one can be officially matched in the system and included in our promotions.

I would love to have lessons again. We’ll always have enough room for a few more uke enthusiasts. Stay safe, and keep smiling.  i sing almost everyday, so i do notice the difference in my voice from day to day.

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Com's ukulele lessons for beginners. The norwich ukulele society has been going since february 2010, when amy wragg, (local promoter and music lover) and gemma cullingford were united for their passion in ukuleles. Anne murray - buddy ukulele - az chords, play instrumental break chords verse 1. Also, there are top international songs available here to play and sing. His new studio is very nice, and comfortable. Graves used the hard-driving, syncopated three-finger picking style developed by earl scruggs for the five-string banjo. Kamaka ukulele strings are available through our authorized. Its small size makes it a handy instrument you can take along and play anywhere, and because the uke only has four strings, you won’t have a hard time playing your favorite tunes right away.

Court and spark, released in january 1974, saw mitchell begin the flirtation with jazz and jazz fusion that marked her experimental period ahead. Now, we’d advise that you drill a smaller hole first in order to reduce any likelihood of damage. Everything on a waffle by polly horvath,. The best type is one that clips onto the end of your ukulele. Ukulele buddy promotes itself as a product in which the instructions are simple, and after a few lessons even beginners will be able to play real songs and identify a few chords.

My preschoolers yell out requests (cat. Everybody knows the feeling you get when you plan a party and worry that nobody will show up. Piano lessons in bonney lake provide a comprehensive music education that includes theory, ear training, sight reading, technique, and history. Although it’s meant to help you see what different chords look and sound like, ukulele buddy’s chord selector can also help you create your own songs. Pat fitzsimmons played a ukulele at a class at the weston community center. E ala e (1995) contained more traditional hawaiian songs, albeit most of them more extravagantly produced than previous versions. Bum diddy until it feels natural. Note: while we'll notify you on your shipment notifications or tracking status updates if you need a code to pick up your package, your shipper will provide the code directly to you. Robert offers guitar and ukulele building, guitar finishing and.

You just have to have a ukulele. He is also extremely fond of progressive rock and various other genres, and thinks of music as a never-ending universe of opportunities for discovering one’s self and building relationships with other people. Because our mission is to provide our customers with a drool worthy experience of shopping for your perfect world percussion instrument, we have committed ourselves to providing high quality and plenty of variety in our drums.

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You have to move on top of the strings without breaking the beat. How he plays the same guitar, with the same guitar strap, his hair is long; he wears a hat and lots of black. How much practice time do you set aside for looping. And, since he and his family were genuine friends of michael, they reaped the rewards of that lifestyle whenever they hung out. Whether you prefer standard gcea tuning or an alternative such as dgbe, you’ll find all the most popular ukulele tunings here. I should point out that some of these toy ukes aren’t actually all that cheap because they have been plastered with images from popular children’s entertainment franchises. ” she actually preferred it over the more expensive ohana sk-20s, but all the other testers thought the sk-20s was a better buy.  this saves our students time and money, as one family can take multiple instruments on the same day.

Vanity requires me to assume they mean it in the physical, and not in the political or intellectual sense.   i tried the hundred dollar oscar schmidt at firey bros. Don’t be afraid to change the rhythm, if you feel that it matches the song better. As you become able to strum your uke and change chords rapidly, you will want something less boring than the common three and four chord songs commonly heard today. Think about their visits to the park. The ultimate guide to finding the best ukelele in the world. As night life did not suit him well, he turned to one of his loves, the oboe. Ukulele lessons online solve all these issues and you can be learning to play ukulele with awesome groove and rhythm to play your favorite popular hit songs. You can also contact teachers on classclassifieds about taking a more specialized type of ukulele lesson in arlington like baritone ukulele lessons in arlington. At the age of 18 she began to take that same stage performing with various artists.

One thing’s for sure, if you are new to purchasing a ukulele and you are taking learning to play seriously you do not want to purchase a model that is too cheap. I did once cover one of their songs in a 'rock' style and passed a cassette of it to his security at a concert. Are there any cracks in the wood or in the finish. For more songs, information on ukuleles and how to play them etc, have a look at ukuleletricks.

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Children learn in a small group setting with a maximum of five students in the class. If you want to be successful for your use of ukulele buddy you can click our secured download button below to try ukulele buddy before the special discount ends. We listen to every quality comment from any of our customers and try our best to make improvements. He works well with any age group and style. (see guitar pedagogy below) we teach them to play. She always competed and won many nysma competitions for violin while attending music seminars and workshops. This is why we teach lessons one on one. Reschedules may be possible as a courtesy. The lessons are perfectly pitched, being easy to follow and detailed.

Com) and i was playing without a ukulele strap (i shouldn’t do that any more. I use a planet waves ns mini. Step 2: click the button below to download ukulele buddy. Oh and you can talk at the same time, or eat/drink, not like with a wind instrument and not when annie or kevin or victor is talking.  learn how to sing and play guitar simultaneously.

Is one of those brands which are not that well known, their ukuleles are becoming more and more popular. Baritonethe baritone ukulele is tuned 5 semitones lower than the standard linear ukulele tuning, giving us dgbe. There are four different types of ukuleles, each differing in their size and sound. The coastal town of blue hill (20 min drive) has shops, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, a supermarket, gas stations, a hospital, banks, etc. Since this is the page will likely be the most important step in convincing students to sign up to your course, you'll want to make sure you do a great job here.

Now we’ve divided four counts into eighth notes. Now add this page to your favorites before downloading ukulele buddy. It also includes an assortment of picks, a polishing cloth, spare strings, a digital tuner, and an instruction booklet to help you get started. Now some final words of wisdom from ukulele festival organizers. Abc launched its "best season in recent memory and 'good. They make some of the finest handcrafted soprano, concert, and tenor ukuleles with cool styles such as the naupaka, longneck, pineapple, pikake, slimline, imaikalani, sceptre,andopio.

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Then a friend recommended that i check out your web site, and i recognized immediately that ukulele underground is exactly what was needed.   then there’s a great guitar line on top. The goal of learn to play is to provide you with everything you need to learn the ukulele—all in one place. “it was a hobby then. Unless you have some guitar background, this is very difficult to execute properly. Luke’s were freeform and had an eerie quality to them, and mine were odd paisley things. Hideout at the laylow reinvents local favorites in new and exciting ways.

Turning counter-clockwise will tighten it. Many women play as men who come to the strum-alongs. Crystal hinnersis a great choice. Not only do they learn discipline, musicianship, they also perform better physically and academically. In studying the presentation of music, it is necessary to consider the impact of the travel and tourism industries. 60-day risk-free money back refund proposed by ukulele buddy. Still working out all of that.

Distract us from what we really enjoy doing and the ukulele buddy needs a. You just won't find a better resource online. As well as being a composer adrian is a multi instrumentalist that is able to give lessons on most all instruments. Its larger size may provide a fuller sound than the soprano. Robert and his wife (and son) make the entire experience fun and educational and i cannot forget ruben for his assistance. The ukulele buddy is a more upmarket course, in my opinion, if you are really serious about becoming a rock star the ukulele buddy course would probably be a better choice why. This ukulele arrives pre-strung with premium italian aquila nylgut strings, and is fitted with a real bone nut and saddle. This track was performed by van morrison, deke sharon. Could anyone please help me out with that.

I didn't do that on purpose, though. As well as amnesty international’s documentary women of liberia.

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Although the ukulele is still associated with traditional hawaiian music and culture, the development of different types of ukulele has led to the popularization of the instrument in many different musical settings. Ukulele buddy video lessons review. We are located in cambridge, ma just beyond harvard square and directly across from the mt auburn hospital. For as long as i can remember, holiday gatherings have been spent with the family around the piano, with ukes in hand, playing and singing our favorite folk songs and carols. Christmas at the white house. If you are looking for an unbiased ukulele buddy video lessons review, then you have landed at the right place. Learn how to tune your ukulele. We have a proven track record of offering quality music, piano, guitar, ukulele, banjo, and bass lessons in san diego year round. And king kalakaua, he pay for all. I'm sure glad we bought it from long.

And we’d find out how he became a teacher. It's how i learned piano as a little girl and i'm enjoying seeing the boys progress and learn to understand written music.   a comfortable waiting room for parents . The first chord you will learn is the. Ukulele buddy is a system with video lessons which has been designed specifically for beginners and non-musicians. Add any notes you think would be relevant to making your lessons more enjoyable.

And in your learning and improvement journey, you can rely on ukulele underground without any doubt. Throughout his blooming career, aidan has opened up the keiki stage at jack johnson’s 2010 kokua festival and has performed with hapa, jake shimabukuro, mick fleetwood and train’s lead singer pat monahan, to name a few. He has been doing this for 21 years. Learning chords is not enough when it is the matter of professional learning of ukulele. There are few instruments as easy to just pick up and play as the humble ukulele. And it was very difficult, because you know, no one wanted to get involved with this, and rightfully so, because it was a very difficult thing to do. Aldrine guerrero of ukulele underground has this 2-minute video explanation. Sing & strum lessons include both separate instruction in vocal and ukulele technique as well as time to put it all together. I have purchased two makala ukes now and i can highly recommend both.

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There's so much i can say about philly music lessons but i'll just sum it up to "they are the best". " holly's music never really died, though, despite the singer's tragic and untimely death. Summary: a fun opening song based on a jack prelutsky poem. You’ll learn how to figure chords on your new instrument and how to use a ukulele capo.   ted had to continue to working so thankfully my amazing parents were able to help out and take jade on the nights he had to get up and also during the days. Performing at events public and private. You can even download one of their ebooks to help you further your playing skills. The ukulele review | ukulele resource center. Wear your fragrant flower lei for the rest of your stay. We carry several moderately priced resonator guitars including models from regal, morgan monroe and gold tone paul beard.

A woman there was buying a ukulele. 5” wide adjustable shoulder straps hold bag firmly in place, keeps hands free. Any uke, wherever you are. When students are finished with the 10 introductory lessons in. Eric: dad, you can’t quit. Ready for that hawaiian island adventure you’ve been dreaming of.

 rock class 101 is an engaging and interactive learning platform. The name 'ukulele' is the traditional hawaiian name that was given to a small instrument called the machete (machete de braga), which was originally developed in the madeira islands of portugal. Two more years and you'll be done with school. Aside from the percussive techniques, i'd even discover my own play style and learn the way to compose guitar fingerstyle music. I’ve been thinking about getting one for travels. The app was made for actually planned to be a "ukulele for beginners app".

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Will my lessons ever expire. So for a c-sharp minor, you would need a c-sharp, e natural, and g-sharp...

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Sounds better than what you may think for a ukulele priced this affordably. By evening i had gotten a paid...

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Ko’olau guitar & ‘ukulele is  very small operation. Thank you so much for the collection – i’ve downloaded the...

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I've tried many but this one, is the best. And this became my profession. I just came back...

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It’s important for beginners to develop the habit of tuning their ukulele before playing. Because it's one challenge...